Alexandra L. Frumberg

My Life As a New York Fashion Photographer

Month: August, 2011

Angels on a Break

Tomorrow is a big day. Joseph and I have been planning a shoot titled “Angels on a Break,” for about a month now. The inspiration for this shoot comes from the Fallen Angel project Lindhberg did in New York. Although his work has inspired us, our direction is much different. Rather than an angelic vibe, our is more of a “Rumpspringa” type feel.

What are angels doing on a break? Just wait and you will see.


Heading Back to the Studio

The last day on set at Richard Warren’s studio, I met a fellow photographer named Joseph Chen. We exchanged contacts and began talking about our goals, desires and inspirations as fashion photographers. We both decided to team up and attack our dreams as a team. At first, I was a bit hesitant (probably due to the bombardment of messages I received a day) but the more I grew to know Joseph, the better this collaboration seemed and has now become.

Our first collaboration was shooting Liz, from RED Models. I won’t lie and say I am overly thrilled with these images, but I think it was a good start to our relationship as dual-photographers.


Makeup and Hair: Lisa Pietrocola

Model: Liz, RED Models

Round Two:


Models: Jen & Julia from Major Models + Devan from RED

Makeup: Christine Clemens

Hair: Sasha Darren

Lloyd Harbor, My Dear Friend Sonia’s Home

On the Fourth of July, my dear friend Sonia Gupta invited me to her home away from home in Lloyd Harbor. Upon entering the driveway it almost immediately dawned on me that I had to have a photo shoot there. The more and more I explored the property the deeper this desire became. Long story short, I went home planned the shoot and Wah Laaaa…. here it is.

Without Sonia’s help, this shoot would not have happened. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog, In Pursuit of Style (, I promise… you will not regret it!


Model: Ash, Fusion Models

Hair: Tom Lee

Makeup: Angie Rafaela

Stylist: Alexandra Frumberg & Sonia Gupta