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Month: July, 2011

Jackson Falls

© 2010 Alexandra Frumberg

© 2010 Alexandra Frumberg

© 2010 Alexandra Frumberg


While away in Jackson, New Hampshire I determined that it would make for the perfect location to shoot. I called a few agencies in Manchester (a 2 hour drive from Jackson) and found a model willing to drive up to where I was staying. Her name… Emma Bboyd, her agency.. New England Model Management. NEMG did tell me that Emma was experienced, which was not the truth, although due to her open-mindedness and permissive outlook, we were able to get creative and nail some great looks.

The shoot was straightforward and relaxing. Just me, Emma & Jane (working as my assistant).


Model: Emma Bboyd

Assistant: Jane Frumberg


Senior Thesis


Rather than post for decades about all of my old work, I’ve decided to ONLY post my last shoot that I did for FIT. My senior thesis, “Fraunces Tavern.” Will I enevtually post blubrs of old photos…. obviously, but only ones that are of relevence. I figure,  anyone can view my old work on my site.