My Debut into the Blogging World!

It is about time for me to begin Blogging. Why? Really, not for anyone but myself. This, in a way, will act as my diary. Do I plan on pouring out every bit and piece of my ever so typically dramatic life… no. But, I will allow you to visualize the world as I do. Whether it be a fashion editorial that takes place in my apartment Or a picture one of my loved ones in a vulnerable state, I am letting the viewer look into my life.

When I shoot fashion, I choose to only shoot in locations that have encompassed my life over the last four years. The viewer may look at my image and see a beautiful girl standing in an empty apartment, but too me, I see something so much more. Each story is built around a memory of mine. I find the environments that inspire me the most, and I use them to spark my inspiration.

Although, I may not be the one standing in the tall stilettos, wearing the beautiful peices of intimate apparel, it still is in a way a small story about me.